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angielski, niemiecki, niderlandzki, rosyjski, ukraiński, francuski, hiszpański, włoski, czeski, słowacki, bułgarski, norweski i szwedzki i inne…

Petruk Company stands for a long tradition of professional text translation within such fields as technical sciences, law and the humanities.

Our company has been a market leader as regards the translation of pragmatic and journalistic texts.

We translate academic dissertations written within the domain of the humanities: history, history of art, philosophy, or religions as well as texts and documents connected with the European Union market. We pay particular attention to the original text layout, the specialist terminology and the overall cohesion and consistency.

We also provide full business services in the European languages: language training for employees (standard and specialist courses), business correspondence, conferences and occasional events.

We collaborate with translators from all over the world, which makes it possible for every translation to be done by a specialist in the given discipline. Thus, we can meet the highest requirements and cope with the most difficult and the most urgent of your commissions. Our experience is the best guarantee of the highest standard of our services.

Complete confidentiality and safety of your documents guaranteed.