Conference Interpreting


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We offer professional language services for conferences, congresses, seminars and training courses in Poland as well as in other countries. Our translators are also specialists in many different disciplines and as such they can meet the requirements of clients working even within narrow specializations.

The most popular types of interpreting during conferences are simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting – is done by a translator who sits in a soundproof box and listens to the speaker’s text, simultaneously translating it into the target language and speaking it into the microphone. Thus the words of the interpreter reach the listeners’ earphones at the time of the speech being given in the original.

Consecutive interpreting – the interpreter presents the translated text – a short speech or a toast – right after it has been delivered by the speaker. If the speech is longer, it becomes divided into sections of 5 to 8 minutes. A vista (sentence-for-sentence) translation is sometimes ordered by commercial negotiators, parties preparing contracts or the police and the court.