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We offer you a wide range of translation services as well as proofreading of all types of texts, language training, language services (for companies and institutions) and conference service. We are also one of the very few translation offices specializing in MANUSCRIPT and GOTHIC LETTERING translation (specialist texts).

Technical texts: we translate safety certificates of products, industrial instruction manuals, ISO and PN norms, technical tender documentation, automation materials, etc.

Law: we translate contracts prepared in accordance with the civil, the commercial and the company law as well as other kinds of contracts. We translate legal opinions, legal proceedings documentation, certificates, the public register documents, registrations and diplomas.

Sciences: we offer translations of all types of scholarly texts. The final product meets the publication requirements and preserves the original format. If demanded, the translated text can be verified by a native speaker who is an expert in the given discipline.

The Humanities: we translate texts on history, the fine arts, history of art, philosophy, theology, monuments preservation, literature, etc.

Standard Translation – within 3 working days

Express Translation – within 24 h of the moment of providing the documents on condition that the text is not more than 10 pages (1 page = 1800 marks incl. spaces) long. If the text is longer, the deadline is negotiated individually with the client

Text translation

Ordinary Translation – texts on general subjects, specialist terminology not required. Translations of this kind comprise correspondence, non-expert texts, etc.

Certified Translation - every translation authenticated by a certified translator

Special Translation – all types of texts which require consulting expert sources and using specialist terminology. The most frequent disciplines include law, economics, technology, computer science, art and many others

Promotional Materials – translation of promotional and marketing materials which requires assimilating both content and form into the linguistic and cultural conventions of the target language

Books and Publications – the final product of the translation is to be published and thus reach a wider reading audience (books, newspaper or periodical articles, academic dissertations, etc.) or distributed in electronic form (CD/DVD)

Websites – the highest standard of our website translations is due to special attention paid to the process of acculturation: assimilating the content to the cultural and linguistic matrix of the target language


Simultaneous interpreting – the speaker’s text is interpreted by the translator at the time of speaking: the text in original and in its translated form reaches the multi-lingual audience simultaneously

Consecutive interpreting - the interpreter presents the translated text – a short speech or a toast – right after it has been delivered by the speaker