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We would like to present you with our special offer for companies and institutions. By choosing our thematic packages you have comprehensive language services at discounted prices!

Office Package

The basic package for all subjects involved in active collaboration with foreign companies and institutions. The package includes translation of all documents belonging to the information exchange with commercial partners, i.e. company correspondence, interpreting during commercial negotiations and business meetings (signing contracts or notarised acts, etc.), interpreting during conferences and occasional events as well as linguistic updating of websites.

Training Package

Advanced package of language training for employees of various specialization and rank as well as for general and specialist managers (incl. machine operators, engineers, computer scientists, directors and project managers). The trainees will learn – among other things – the installation and operation terminology as regards industrial machines and appliances.

The package may be extended and comprise translation of technical documentation, instruction manuals and other text containing relevant information.

Promotion Package

The package includes translation of all kinds of promotional texts (leaflets, brochures, banner ads, websites). We pay particular attention to the promotional message and effect, adjusting it to the promotional conventions of the given target country. We accept all text formats and sizes (e.g. formats required by advertising agencies or printing companies). We preserve the original format and we can also take care of the page make-up in accordance with the promotional requirements. Texts along with the pictures and other graphic elements may be put on our server FTP://*

We guarantee complete confidentiality and no access to your information by third parties.

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